Unlock the value of your AI potential to provide insight, enable decision making, and effect meaningful change within your organization.

Our team of AI specialists and business intelligence experts will work with you to turn your data into actionable information for growing revenue, increasing profitability, and streamlining business processes.

Our capabilities:

  • Envision, design, and implement your complete AI & business intelligence platform
  • Leverage AI Insights, recommendations, machine learning and predictive analytics to make informed decisions
  • Visualize your metrics through dashboards and real-time reports
  • Assess your data warehouse, data lake, and BI strategy
  • Leverage internal-secured data, cloud services and analytics tools



Looking to lower application costs and scale your business? Our architects have over a decade of cloud solutioning experience.

We design and build cloud-first solutions or migrating existing applications to leverage cloud scale. Our team will mitigate your risk and ensure your cloud investments yield results.

Where we excel:

  • Application cloud migration assessments
  • Cloud architecture for web, mobile, data, AI, IoT, and more
  • Re-platforming applications to take advantage of cloud services
  • Cloud-first, web, mobile, and connected systems
  • Internet of things (IoT) cloud managed solutions
  • API Management, security, and build out
  • Containerization and micro-services
  • Infrastructure automation and provisioning
  • DevOps
  • Application Integration
  • Orchestration and Messaging
  • Database migration, warehouse, BI, ML, and big data
  • Mentoring your team on how they can build cloud applications



Custom application development is our passion.

Plunk Digital provides a scalable platform, automated content management capabilities and tools to maintain a dynamic, enterprise data-driven web & mobile apps with complete back-end management. We leverage the best of agile methods and tools to provide transparency, metrics, and productivity that puts you in control of your final product

Our strengths:

  • Dynamic websites, micro-services and API built with React, Angular, .NET, .netCore, Java, and Open Source
  • Native mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Hybrid mobile solutions on Xamarin, Cordova, and ReactNative



We focus on a holistic view of your users’ needs. We blend beautiful design with simple, usable interfaces. We create designs that are relevant, functional, user friendly and that meet the aesthetic and branding needs of any organization.

Good UX and digital strategy helps clients increase brand presence, simplify usability, and strengthen profitability. We do the research, draw conclusions, test assumptions, and iterate quickly to drive actionable deliverables.

Our process:

  • Envision: heuristic review, aspirational analysis, content audit, and analytical review
  • Discover: stakeholder interviews, user scenario development, and user journey mapping
  • Plan: define digital strategy, recommendation, and execution
  • Architect: affinity diagramming, card sorting, storyboarding, wire-framing, prototyping
  • Verify: user interviews, click-throughs, and A/B testing
  • Design: storyboard, wire-frame, and visual design
  • Prototype: product prototypes



Your database and related services drive, track, measure, and enable your business. Our database team keeps you optimized and running smoothly.

We can help you plan and execute your database strategy. Our experts can assess and recommend approaches for upgrades, migrates, data warehousing, reporting, and more. Our thought leaders work with you to design solutions to connect business processes across data centers and clouds. We enable customer supply chain, B2B, decision making, and data integration solutions.

Enhance your foundation with the right approach and tools to best manage your data.

We can help you with:

  • Modern data architectures
  • Cloud migration and optimization strategy
  • Meta and master data management
  • Database integration and ETL
  • Data warehouse development and reporting
  • Version upgrades and migrations


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